Interculturality at the center of your organizational strategies

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Integrate intercultural management into corporate strategy, develop leadership and synergistically manage multicultural teams.

Faced with a globalization that fuels the illusion of a world without borders, the human factor and the behavior of individuals are fundamental determinants in the performance of an organization.
We assist individuals and businesses by helping them reduce the risks of cultural misunderstandings and improve their competitiveness in global markets.

Intercultural management

Intercultural communication

International intercultural negotiation

International mobility


Intercultural teambuilding


"The customer is our priority"
Mastering the fundamentals of customer relations in order to enhance the company's image

Learn how to communicate effectively

Sales professions

Create a climate of trust to build customer loyalty

Communicate and negotiate with clients of diverse cultures

Manage "complex" customers

Customer Relationship Tracking

Our Team:

Soumia Ben Amar


MBA Luxury Management
Master 2 Intercultural Management and Negotiation

18 years of experience in the air

Senior Advisor to the International Consultative Diplomatic Commission

Communication and intercultural management

Dr. Georges Simons

40 years of intercultural experience, creator of diversophy® cross-cultural competence games

Currently, he focuses on developing tools and expertise for the acculturation of migrants and local communities

Guillaume Deuchst

Ten years of experience in cybersecurity and international project management in aerospace

Webmaster of SIETAR France

Presentation and training in communication and intercultural management

Teresa Mroczek

Intercultural trainer working in English, French, Spanish and Polish, she specializes in French-Polish relations and collaborates on the intercultural training tool diversophy®

Sara Gallinari

Master 2 in Intercultural Management

Over 15 years of experience in HR roles in major international industrial groups

Expertise in communication and intercultural management, specializing in Franco-Italian relations

Minyoung Choi

Master 2 in Intercultural Management and Master 1 in BFA (financial)

9 years of experience in South Korea and 1 year in China as a management consultant in international business

Specialist in French-Chinese and French-South Korean relations

Our consultants and trainers have vast international experience, they decipher the influence of culture in working environments and meet your quality requirements.


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